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Photos taken by D70, D90, Tokina 11-16mm f2.8, Nikkor 50mm 1.4G

幸運, ハフィザー!

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Monday, 25-Apr-2011 00:22 Email | Share | | Bookmark
GO COPDeeper

Cath lab
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Last month, all of us had requested from our teacher to change (for a week or two) from cardiology to other department because we would like to gain some experience and be exposed to other field of discipline as well. Dr. Dušek did not let us down.

And Alhamdulillah last week was the third week we did our Internal Medicine practicals in the pulmonary department with Dr. Koblížek. Let's see what we got!

1st week (4.4.2011)

We were very excited yet nervous to be there for the first time. However, we were told by his assistant that Dr. Koblížek was off to Prague thus replaced by Dr. Nadiah Suffian. The session was quite interesting as we were given an opportunity to see 2 patients with COPD and one with asthma. The history taking was not that difficult compared to patients with heart problems. Then we went upstairs discussing all the pathogenesis, etiologies, treatments, preventions and so on.

2nd week (11.4.2011)

This week we met Dr. Koblížek! He is a kind, neat and smart guy. Pulmonologist right? First, he introduced us to all 3 patients that we gonna met today.

Patient 1 - pulmonary fibrosis with crepitations/crackles and pulmonary emboli
Patient 2 - breast cancer with metastasis to skin and other parts of her body plus edema at head and neck
Patient 3 - bronchial asthma with distant wheezing
Patient 4 (he added later) - pulmonary fibrosis with prominent clubbing at her distal interphalangeal joint

Accidentally, all were women.

In a very short time, we learnt a lot from Dr. Koblížek as he was non-stop lecturing, sharing with us everything he knows.

Above all, I was really amazed with PET technology used to examine Patient 2 thoroughly, from head to toe. It is very detailed. Fascinating!

On the other hand, Dr. Koblížek is a funny guy. He loves making jokes yet a very dedicated doctor. I inspire his soft skills so much. And at the end of the session, he was like offering one more week for us (if we would like to) so that he could show us some pulmonary stuff in his department and asked us to deal with his group. Dealt!

3rd week (18.4.2011)

This week, most of time, we were talking about sleep apnea. At the stairs, outside the department, in and out of the escalator, you name it. We observed a lot of devices like body pletysmography, spirometry and the most powerful one is CPAP! (Please check this out!)

Then it was 110pm and doctor brought us to wards. We were confused because the patient seemed familiar because we met her last week! So, next please...ROFLMAO

Then we went to the second patient and unluckily it was the same case. But we just pretended it was our first meeting so that Dr. Koblížek did not look for other patient as time was running out. Out of sudden, the patient pointed to the tallest man among us and said "I remembered this guy!" We laughed out loud like hell!!!

Though this is just the second week we were together, I, at least was very much into Dr. Koblížek. He is no doubt an inspiring doctor I would say. A must-to-meet doctor!

Photos taken by HTC P3600i phone camera

GO COPDeeper!

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My Room, My Studio

Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Tengah mentela'ah, tiba-tiba idea mai, capai kamera, klik!

Selesai sembahyang, nampak sudut macam menarik, klik!

Sambil menyelam minum air orang Melayu/Jawa kata.....

Nikon D90 + Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G + Nikkor 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5G


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Internal Medicine

Pacient #1

A very frustrated civil engineer with suddenly developed aortic regurgitation and mitral insufficency thus both diastolic and systolic murmurs at apex. Oh Strepcoccus...

Pacient #2


Pacient #3

He is just 23, same age to most of us, but he is a chronic i.v. drug abuser. Surprisingly (at least to me), he have infectious endocarditis as the complication. I initally can't even imagine how S. aureus could get into his body via the needle but remember, S. aureus is one of our skin microflora. This bacteria sits on his both tricuspid and then mitral valves then produces vegetation (form of blood clot and its colonies). This mass ruptures and travel peripherally as emboli to his both UE. And we can see very small hematoma on his nails and apparently several reddish spots of peripheral emboli on fingers, dorsum and palm of hands. He is helpless thus parenteral nutrition (made up of saccharides, lipid and protein), insulin and heparin are given via catheters into his left subclavian v.

Pacient #4

A 65-year-old retired man from Chrudim, a city located 35km south of Hradec. It all started with pain of his left lateral abdomen and he was given some atb. However, he said that he developed stomach discomfort. Later he had dyspnoe and was admitted here in HK last Thursday. From his symptoms, they diagnosed him as pulmonary embolism and treated him with LMW heparin as the anticoagulant therapy. Unfortunately, he developed GI bleeding and melena, and they discovered that he actually had a predisposed stomach ulcer-like lesion therefore lowering the dosage of heparin administrated was necessary and helpful. Now, he's quite a happy man.


ingat SIHAT sebelum SAKIT

ingat HIDUP sebelum MATI

Pictures are removed by the author.

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Bagi KEBANYAKAN pelajar Malaysia di Eropah, melancong sudah tak asing lagi
Ada yang menganggap ianya sebagai hobi
Ada yang menganggap sebagai 'penghargaan' peribadi
Malah ada yang melihat daripada ruang pembentukan diri
Jangan terkejut ada pelajar yang tidak suka akan aktiviti ini
Tak kira apa sebab diberi, peluang bukan datang dua kali...

4-5 hari lepas terlihat sebuah album gambar kenalan di Facebook
Beliau yang berasal dari Ireland dan sekarang berada di tahun keempat perubatan di HK, melancong ke Amerika Selatan, Scandinavia, dll...
Selalunya dia bersama 3-4 orang rakan/sahabatnya mengembara ke seluruh dunia pada musim panas
Sangat terpesona+teruja dengan gambar-gambar beliau sebab memang terbabommmmm

Dari Bolivia, mereka menuju ke Argentina dengan bas
Tiba di Argentina, mereka mendaki bukit
menunggang kuda membelah desa
di pantai bermandi-manda
dan akhir sekali meluncur salji pula
memang gila

2008—Norway destinasi mereka
Panjat gunung sini sana
seberang sungai berarus Taman Negara
dll yang mencabar akal dan tenaga!

Beliau melompat berani mati dari Jambatan Kawarau di Queenstown, New Zealand pada ketinggian 134m!
(Sumpah teringin...)


Daripada September 2008 hinggalah ke Januari 2011
Alhamdulillah 12 negara/kawasan di Eropah telah selamat ku jejak dengan izin dan atas rezeki kurniaan-Nya

Austria (Vienna)
Bandar Vatican
Belgium (Brussels)
England (Liverpool, London, Manchester)
Itali (Rome, Venice)
Jerman (Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich)
Perancis (Marseille, Nice, Paris)
Poland (Krakow)
Sepanyol (Barcelona, Cordoba, Granada, Madrid, Valencia)
Slovakia (Bratislava)

Kalau ada kelapangan masa dan umur yang panjang
sangat berbesar hati jika dapat bertandang ke:

i. Amazon
ii. Chao Phraya
iii. Dune du Pilat
iv. Grand Canyon
v. Gunung Kinabalu
vi. Gunung Sinai
vii. Laut Mati
viii. Masjidil Haram
ix. Sahara
x. Siberia
xi. Socotra
xii. Tasik Plitvice
xiii. Wuhua Hai

Akhir kata dan doa
semoga Shiham menjadi manusia yang lebih menghargai keindahan alam ketika berkelana
selalu insaf dan terpana dengan kuasa ciptaan-Nya
hamba yang sentiasa bersyukur atas segala nikmat yang dipinjamkan Dia
bermujahadah serta tidak tamak/boros/berlebihan dalam berbelanja

Nikon D40x + Nikkor 50mm f/1.4

Cuba ketuk dada, daripada semua ini kita dapat apa?

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